Awe of God Book Study

During this six-week book study, Connect Groups will delve deeper into what it truly means to have a Holy fear of God. Together, we will learn how being in awe of His might and majesty increases our understanding of Him as well as our intimacy with Him. If you have been waiting to join a Connect Group or launch your own Connect Group, what better way to start than with this church-wide book study.  Please scroll down for more information on joining or starting a Connect Group.

If needed, books may be purchased at the Inspire Cafe. Study guide questions are available on RightNow Media.


We were created by God to be in community with others.  No one was created to live life in isolation.  At Inspire Church, we believe life is better when done together and that is why we love Connect Groups.  Connect Groups are small groups of people who meet together throughout the week to grow in relationship with each other, deepen their faith, and become more like Jesus.  If you are ready to find a community that will love, encourage, and challenge you to fulfill your God-given potential, please click the button below and join a Connect Group today.


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Perhaps you are already part of a Connect Group and have a heart to shepherd others and help them become more like Jesus.  If this is you, God may be calling you to become a Connect Group Leader.  Please click the button below to start the application process.