“If My People PRAY

At Inspire Church, we believe in the power of prayer. Our Prayer Team is continuously covering our church in prayer, and we invite you to take part in the the many requests for prayer available to our team.

Individual Prayer Sessions

Inspire Church Membership Covenant Required (or on file)

Sessions resume 12/4/2022

Hospital Visitation

We have suspended Hospital Visitations but provide personal prayer by trained intercessors. No appointment needed.

House Blessing

Inspire Church Membership Covenant Required (or on file)

Available to all Inspire Church attendees and their families


Almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Studies even show that for every 200 people in church, 8 are currently living with cancer. At Inspire, we’ve seen a growing need for a cancer care ministry, one designed to not only bring hope to those who have cancer, but one to provide resources and support to cancer caregivers.


That is why we’re launching Our Journey of Hope, a Cancer Care Ministry. This is a hope ministry. While it involves prayer, counsel, visits and assistance, it is centered on bringing God’s hope to patients and their caregivers, family and friends. This requires an understanding of the impact of cancer, how people react to it and how God has called His people to respond. Above all, it requires us to have within ourselves an unfeigned hope that we can take to those in need.

1) Join the Team

If you are interested in joining our team, Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Ministry
8-week training classes are available via online Zoom.

2) Partner With Us

If you or someone you care about is impacted by cancer, we would like to partner with you. Our heart is to serve, comfort & encourage men, women & families fighting cancer. We provide practical support & spiritual care to those affected by cancer. This is a ministry of Hope, courage and compassion.

3) Join our weekly Cancer Caregiver Support CG led by Frieda Chandler

Please join our weekly Cancer Care Support Group on Thursday Nights, 7 pm via Zoom online open to everyone

4) Join our monthly Cancer Caregiver Support CG led by Kristie Lazo Murai

Please join our monthly Cancer Caregiver Support connect group 2nd Saturdays at 9am via Zoom online open to everyone.

5) Join & like our Facebook page