Inspire Church YA is a vibrant and flourishing stomping ground for those between the age of 18 and 30. Young individuals come together to unlock their God-given potential and discover their purpose. Every Tuesday, young adults gather for food, fellowship, worship, a WORD and connect groups! That is the driving force behind this tight knit community. These experiences are what lead to personal growth and the beginning of organic, long lasting friendships. This ministry is more than a congregation; it’s a movement dedicated to carrying on the revival in our generation and the heart of Inspire Church.

Join us every Tuesday night, at Inspire Waikele. We start at 6:30pm. Can’t wait to see you there!

What is the Inspire internship?

The Inspire internship is a program designed to equip and inspire the next generation to fulfill their God-given potential. Whether your calling is in the church or the marketplace, the Inspire Internship will challenge, grow, and empower you to be a kingdom-minded leader in your sphere of influence.

What are the characteristics of a successful intern?

  • A positive attitude

  • A heart to serve

  • A willingness to be flexible and teachable

  • A Christian lifestyle that is God-honoring both in public and in private

  • A full commitment to the program

What are the Inspire Internship Requirements?

  • 12-month commitment

  • 15 hours per week for ministry rotation

  • Attend/serve weekend services, church conferences + selected events

  • Attend/lead a connect group

  • Complete required readings + book reviews

What will you gain from the Inspire Internship?

Through the Inspire Internship, you will take a fully-accredited college-level course, gain first-hand experience in multiple areas of ministry, develop your abilities in leading and building teams, receive mentoring from leaders within the church, and learn the importance of operating in excellence.