Life In Hawaii

An autobiographic sketch of mission life and labors (1835-1881) by Titus Coan 

Grapes of Canaan

Hawaii 1820 by Albertine Loomis

God of Light, God of Darkness

The Chronicles of the Spiritual Battle for Hawaii by Daniel I. Kikawa

Preparing the Way

 by Christopher L. Cook

More on Opukahaia

1865 – by S. W. Papaula

Ke Aupuni Mōʻī

by S.M. Kamakau

Titus Can - A Memorial

By Mrs. Lydia Bingham Coan

Perpetuation in Righteousness

The Journey of the Hawaiian People From Eden (Kalana i Hauola) to the Present Time by Daniel I. Kikawa

The Case for ‘Io

by Daniel I. Kikawa

The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever

by Elmer Towns and Douglas Porter 

Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii

by S.M. Kamakau